Dear Readers,

My name is Maria del Carmen Garro Sanchez. Originally from Lima, Peru, I have now lived in Switzerland for more than 33 years.

I always felt an attraction to Seascapes especially those with the “Sunset”; full of spectacular assorted colors and shades.

I started as a self-taught artist but with time, and my interest to learn more, I attended two schools of Art. My teachers, a Swiss and a Belgian, have guided me well. I learned new techniques that are very helpful in making good art compositions.

With the knowledge  gained, nowadays I enjoy even more the intensity of the colors that nature offers us. It is a motivation to express and apply those lovely shades.

Wherever you are…… nature offers charming landscapes.


Maria Del Carmen Garro


Born in Lima, Peru
Primary and Secondary school in Lima, as well as three years in Washington D.C.
College of Pedagogy in Lima
Bilingual secretarial studies, business and administration
I worked as a teacher of English language and office administration

My desire to continue travelling, and having the opportunity to carry on with this wish, I decided to come to this country, Switzerland, making it happen in 1982.

As first goal I studied the German language. Besides one of my motivation was to give Spanish lessons.

With the idea to open new paths I entered to an accounting school; reinforcing what I had already learned. This helped me to apply for/to a multinational company where till today I work in the finance department.

Despite working in such an abstract world I have not lost the artistic restlessness that I deeply feel which motivates me, as self-taught, to visit schools of art to keep learning new techniques and thus to get a better composition from the chosen theme.

So much so that my inclination is directed to seascapes; I love specially the sunrises and sunsets.

I present a set of seascape paintings for your appreciation.

Thank you for your attention.

Maria del Carmen

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